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Explore the possibilities!

Worlds Spinning Round Series
Mt. St. Helens in early spring WA

Real Sci-Fi.  Everything that happens is based  on what we already know, and what we think is or may be possible.  Stories of what real people might do in extraordinary situations.

Timeline Project
Shiprock AZ

History in total context.  Not written by the winners.  Every conclusion is transparent, sourced and provable.  The database, which is provably self-consistent, is frequently updated, and also includes a complete solar eclipse table and other astronomical data for reference.

Mt. Blanca in San Luis Valley CO

Places we've been, things we've seen.  All photos taken by us.  The usual copyright protections apply to all material on this site.  But, other than restrictions on redistribution, claims of ownership and commercial use, enjoy!  Hopefully, more to come.

We hope you'll check back with us often as we continue to update this web page. Thanks!

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