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Hi.  I hope you find something here to enjoy, discover and relate to.  If you come across anything useful, I'd appreciate your dropping me a line (Contact button) and passing the word along.  Please check back once in a while.  I'll keep adding hopefully interesting things from time to time.  Thanks and Enjoy!  -  Tim

Our Vision

Everything is related.  So, our goal is to investigate everything in relation to everything else.  While completion of this objective is humanly impossible, we may still discover some interesting stuff in the process.  No line of investigation is off limits.  We follow the evidence wherever it leads.


Any discrepancies we find within the framework of total context to the overall pattern of consistency may indicate the extent to which our apparent knowledge is only an approximation of what actually is. 

On the other hand, any statement that remains consistent with the total database as it grows is increasingly likely to be true.

In this way, we can establish a unified system of increasingly accurate limits as to what we know and what we don't know.

Why Do This?

T. E. Greene lives in Connecticut with his wife and frequent visits with their two children.  He holds a masters degree in computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a teaching certificate from Eastern Connecticut State University and a bachelors degree in mathematics and general science from Barrington College.  Moving on from a career teaching high-school math, science and computer programming, he enjoys music, coaching, travel and research “in just about anything” (and, yes, writing).

In addition to maintaining web pages on a variety of topics, his long-range projects include a database comparing undated historical events, a practical study of the geometry of more-efficient building structures and a computer-based investigation into the nature of gravity.  "Math you can't use is just pretty."

Other interests include computer-applications programming, marine science and the deserts and culture of the American West.

All of the above interests are reflected in his writing, both fiction and nonfiction.


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