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Table of Contents for Proofs

List of conclusions in database order

Description, instructions, articles, essays, database, event list, relative timeline, conclusions, downloadable proof generator and organizer

Index to Proofs

List of conclusions in alphabetical order

Numbered articles are in Word 97 format, also in .ODT format.

.DAT, .EXE, .IDX and .PTR are binary files for generating complete proofs.

​All other files are in plain text (Notepad) format.  Other word processors may work.

Two-column proofs of conlusions from this and earlier versions of the Timeline project

To print, use landscape,

Lucinda Console Regular 8 Western,

header &c &f &d &t, footer &c &p,

left 0.5, right 0.166, top 0.75, bottom 0.25

Digraph matrix showing intervals between events (from row to column) in mean sidereal years

Matrix of pointers showing database references and paired results in the digraph that justify each conclusion

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