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Must have been a lot of work!


I especially liked the quotes page.


John of Antioch appears to have died quite early in history.








There is a shortage of people in the travel pictures.









[Book Two]  I'm glad I didn't try to read Chapter Three before bedtime.  Suspenseful!

[Book Two, "Treks"]  Dynamite action page turner.

Stop on page 148 if it's less than one hour before bed.

Yes, it was.  But worth it.


I tried for a variety of sources.  Hopefully, I'll find more.


An event that lacks both a low and high limit forms a separate timeline with other events that link to it but not to the main sequence.  Apparently, this event does link to the main timeline, but with a low limit that serves only to keep the event from falling off the timeline at the beginning.  Rembember that this is only a limit.  He certainly died much later.  Hopefully, another event will show up that is known to precede this one, and that is known to follow another event already in the database.

(Followup note: The problem with John of Antioch is fixed.)

This is a privacy issue.  Travel pictures you would show your friends are unlikely to contain anyone they would recognize.  The same is true to a lesser extent on social media pages, depending on your privacy settings.  On the open Web, anyone, anywhere can view them.  It is inevitable that an identifiable person would be recognized sooner or later.  Such a public release requires prior permission, which would be difficult to obtain if the identity of the person is unknown to the owner of the picture.  Repeat for each person in each picture.

Thanks for the good review.  More to come.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who couldn't stop!

(Hint: Please don't skip ahead!)

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